B+E Trailer Training and Assessments

B+E trailer training and towing courses Devon

We are not currently running on-road trailer training courses, but we run the Lantra Awards Trailer Handling course, which is designed for commercial operators of B+E combinations.

Our courses can be undertaken using your vehicles and trailers, and concentrate on the safety essentials of manoeuvring, coupling and uncoupling and legal requirements.

Our courses can be run from any suitable venue, or we have a fully equipped site where we have the facilities to practice the reversing manoeuvre and off-road exercises at a pace which suits you.

Lantra Awards Trailer Handling course:
A one-day course for up to four candidates, the Lantra Awards Trailer Handling course covers the basics of trailer handling, including the legal framework drivers are required to work within, along with the common causes of accidents and the basic checks and recommendations which can help to prevent them. The practical side of the course covers trailer checks, load and nose weight assessment, coupling and uncoupling procedures, safe loading and unloading, as well as a reversing exercise.
Legal requirements
Causes of accidents
Equipment introduction/safety checks
Couple/uncouple procedures
Hitches and towing combinations
Nose weight measurement
Loading/unloading criteria
Manoeuvring the equipment

For drivers who require familiarisation and vocational training either with an employers' combination or with ours (we can provide larger vehicles and commercial trailers for those operators who anticipate using heavier rigs), this course is an ideal starting point. Aimed at assisting employers in complying with their H&S duties, as well as managing the higher risk associated with trailer use, we have a huge amount of experience that we can put at your disposal.

With some of the most well qualified professional trainers, with vocational experience throughout agriculture and industry, we can assure you that you are receiving the very best training available.

Costs for training vary, depending upon requirements and duration.

The former B+E driving test
The DVSA are no longer running B+E testing, and a change to the law has been enacted which means that these are no longer required. Drivers who hold a full category B (car) licence, can now tow up to 3.5 tonnes as long as the unit is safe and legal. However, trailer training is highly recommended for drivers who have little or no experience of towing and is a requirement when towing for work.

I have B+E on my licence, but have never towed?
Most drivers will now hold the trailer licence category but may want to learn how to tow safely and legally. We provide a range of training courses, from a simple familiarisation course covering loading, hitching and manoeuvring, right through to vocational certification of skills both on and off-road. If you're unsure about what you need, we are happy to advise, and provide training either using our vehicles or with your combination.

Can I learn in an automatic?
Yes, though unlike with higher licence categories, if you only hold a driving licence for an automatic car, you will be restricted to driving an automatic whenever you are towing a trailer which brings the train into the B+E category (code '78' will follow your B+E entitlement on the back of your ID card).

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